The FineTobaccoNYC Team

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Matthias Clock

Matthias founded FineTobaccoNYC in 2010. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he enjoys spending his spare time discussing politics, playing the guitar and piano, teaching Argentine tango, and smoking quality cigars. Matthias discovered and fell in love with fine tobacco in 2007. He also enjoys learning about the culture, history, and etiquette of fine tobacco. He loves hanging out at cigar lounges in the city, but will always take a relaxed evening at a park with friends (when weather and the law permits).

Some of his favorite cigars are the Hispanola Trabuco, the Camacho Triple Maduro, and the Reinado Habanito. FineTobaccoNYC is a natural extension of his love of cigars, pipes, New York City, and people. Email me.



David Alicea

David Alicea is a professional cigar broker and has worked in the industry for many years. 14 years ago, David was hanging out with a co- worker at the time who liked cigars. He suggested the Padron 2000 natural robust size to smoke, and although David had no idea what to do with the cigars, he loved the experience and set himself to learning as much as possible about cigars.

That road has provided a lot of new experiences, flavors, and aromas. Opus x, Padron, Davidoff Millenium, Don Carlos, Rocky Patel 1992 vintage, Don Pepin blue label, Tatuaje Black, to name a few! After a few years the tobacco industry, David decided he needed to go back to my true passion which is art. But he still enjoys meeting new people, hearing stories and most of all smoking.



Kelvin Batista

Kelvin Batista is a cigar enthusiast who discovered the marvelous world of cigars over ten years ago and has been captivated ever since. Among other things, he brings a fresh perspective and serendipity to FinetobaccoNYC, including in depth cigar and cigar related reviews as well as event planning. Kelvin has a passion for bringing people together to promote and preserve connoisseur culture in New York City.





James Bollen

James Bollen is originally from Missoula, Montana. In his spare time, he enjoys reading at coffee shops, discussing philosophy and politics, and discovering new places in the five boroughs. His first encounter with cigars was at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. A few years later, he smoked a Montecristo White Rothchilde.

Since then, he has enjoyed learning cigar etiquette and history, the cigar making process, and about cigar body, flavor, and aroma. He frequents different cigar lounges around the city to relax and hang out with friends. He enjoys FineTobaccoNYC because it works to spread knowledge of places to smoke in the city and to build friendships in the cigar community. His current favorite cigars are the Gurkha 1887, Illusione, and Graycliff Red Label PG.



Tim Wainwright

Tim Wainwright is a jack of all trades: student, political activist, entrepreneur, geek, and wanna-be connoisseur of all things refined and good (in the truest sense of the word). He was first introduced to the lifestyle of a gentleman by his father, an English preacher with a fondness for the old-school, hard knocks, Port, and the occasional cigar. He gave Tim his first cigar when he was 16, and bought him his first pipe shortly thereafter.
Since then, Tim says he has made small but significant steps in advancing his pallet. He enjoys the Rocky Patel Decade, the Oliva Series G, and the Diamante’s Chisel. He enjoys Latakia and English blends of pipe tobacco.

Interests include: Coffee, Movies, Kindness, Writing, Social Media Marketing, Improv Acting, Charity, Sticking it to the man, shootin the j, fine dining, monocles, sailing, fencing, boxing, being a man, God, Church, panache, savoir-faire, and devil-may-care attitudes. Disinterested in: Adults who are still teenagers, big-government conservatism, people who say they hate to read, making fun of the little guy, and MTA service changes.


Big Ronnie Parisella

Ronnie Parisella’s first cigar was an Ashton Maduro that he purchased from Barclay Rex on Broad St. downtown. He has never walked into a humidor and failed to learn something useful. He loves listening to guys argue about cigars as well. He says it is all about taste.

Additionally, Ronnie was appointed the chairman of the New York Chapter of the Cigar Rights of America, more commonly known as the “CRA.” “Cigar Rights of America was founded on the principle of fighting for the freedom to enjoy cigars. CRA is a consumer-based, non-profit public advocacy organization that works with local, state and federal governments to protect the freedoms of cigar enthusiasts.”

Ronnie is also heavily involved in the Information Technology industry. Hea was recently highlighted as a top Information Technology Entrepreneur and as a leading CTO under age 40 by VAR Business Magazine. His work as a technology leader has led to him being a frequent commentator on IT best practices for small and mid-sized businesses.




Christian offers a perspective of cigars ranging from vintage pre-embargo smokes, hard to find cigars as well as current releases. His 16+ years of smoking and love of travel have taken him on cigar journeys here and abroad. From smoking HERF’s in friends backyards to smoking Montecristo #2’s on the terrace of the Hungarian Palace Hotel in Lido Italy, Christian takes the “everyman” approach to cigar smoking being it all about taste and enjoyment of where you are or who you are with.

Said journey also led him to become one of the first Cigar Rights of America Ambassadors for NY State. Attending the CRA Freedom Tour in August of 2008 Christian was immediately inspired to fight for the beloved cause of the right to enjoy a cigar. Christian can be seen attending various cigar events in NYC and Long Island spreading the word of CRA and its mission.

Christian’s passions also span the world of fine wines, foods and spirits. From Bourbons to Bordeaux Christian has had the opportunity to taste various vintages and bottlings. As a member of the American Sommelier Association Christian has had the pleasure of attending wine seminars as well as visiting several wine countries on his vacations. These things as well as dining at various Michelin stared restaurants demonstrate his motto that “Taste IS life”.



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