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Matthias Clock

Matthias Clock

Founder, Event Marketer & Host

Matthias founded Fine Tobacco NYC as a cigar blog in 2010. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he enjoys spending his spare time discussing politics, playing the guitar and piano, teaching Argentine tango, and smoking quality cigars. Matthias discovered and fell in love with fine tobacco in 2007. He enjoys learning about the culture, history, and etiquette of fine tobacco.

Some of his favorite cigars are the Hispanola Trabuco, the Camacho Triple Maduro, and the Reinado Habanito. Fine Tobacco NYC is a natural extension of his love of cigars, pipes, New York City, people, and events. Email me.

 David Alicea

Cigar Sponsorship & Hospitality Expert

David Alicea is a professional cigar broker and has worked in the industry for over a decade. 14 years ago, David was hanging out with a co- worker at the time who liked cigars. He suggested the Padron 2000 natural robust size to smoke, and although David had no idea what to do with the cigars, he loved the experience and set himself to learning as much as possible about cigars.

That road has provided a lot of new experiences, flavors, and aromas. Opus X, Padron, Davidoff Millenium, Don Carlos, Rocky Patel 1992 vintage, Don Pepin Blue Label, Tatuaje Black, to name a few. After a few years the tobacco industry, David decided he needed to go back to my true passion which is art. But he still enjoys meeting new people, hearing stories and most of all smoking.

 Kelvin Batista

Event Photography

Kelvin Batista is a cigar enthusiast who discovered the marvelous world of cigars over ten years ago and has been captivated ever since. Among other things, he brings a fresh perspective and serendipity to Fine Tobacco NYC, including in depth cigar and cigar related reviews as well as event planning. Kelvin has a passion for bringing people together to promote and preserve connoisseur culture in New York City.

 Christian Driscoll


Cigar Reviewer

Christian offers a perspective of cigars ranging from vintage pre-embargo smokes, hard to find cigars as well as current releases. His 16+ years of smoking and love of travel have taken him on cigar journeys here and abroad. From smoking HERF’s in friends backyards to smoking Montecristo #2’s on the terrace of the Hungarian Palace Hotel in Lido Italy, Christian takes the “everyman” approach to cigar smoking being it all about taste and enjoyment of where you are or who you are with.

Said journey also led him to become one of the first Cigar Rights of America Ambassadors for NY State. Attending the CRA Freedom Tour in August of 2008 Christian was immediately inspired to fight for the beloved cause of the right to enjoy a cigar. Christian can be seen attending various cigar events in NYC and Long Island spreading the word of CRA and its mission.

Christian’s passions also span the world of fine wines, foods and spirits. From Bourbons to Bordeaux Christian has had the opportunity to taste various vintages and bottlings. As a member of the American Sommelier Association Christian has had the pleasure of attending wine seminars as well as visiting several wine countries on his vacations. These things as well as dining at various Michelin stared restaurants demonstrate his motto that “Taste IS life”.

 Randolph Beers


Cigar Reviewer

Randolph Beers is a passionate tobacco enthusiast, introduced to cigars in 2006, and was an occasional smoker for four years after. Following, his passion for hand rolled and manually cured tobacco, old and new preparations and techniques grew, with an emphasis on craftsmanship and complex details. Finding joy in every stage of tobacco growing and manufacturing, the industry is very much about from seed to consumer.

With that passion for attention to detail, Randolph enjoys talking and learning about tobacco just as much as consuming it, and has full appreciation for each of the players involved in making a great tobacco product. With a background in visual art, Beers has developed a keen eye and palate for presentation and taste and uses that as a backdrop for continuing his education in tobacco.

Randolph enjoys cigars, pipes and snuff on a regular basis and extends his interest in tobacco to other plant based products such as coffee, tea, and chocolate. At the moment, some his favorite cigars are Hispaniola Tres Carabelas, La Duena by My Father, Julius Caesar by Diamond Crown, Ashton Symmetry, Davidoff Puro d’Oro, Eiroa and Eiroa CBT by Christian Eiroa, and generally anything by A.J. Fernandez and the Oliva family.

Charlie Freeman


Cigar Reviewer

Charlie Freeman was born in Atlanta, Georgia; his mother is from Greenwich Village and is one-quarter Spanish Cuban. Thus tobacco and New York City were in his blood from the beginning, despite his refusals to indulge in either of them in his earlier years. He was first exposed to cigar culture after moving to New York in 2011. He has been advocating the art of fine tobacco smoking ever since, and he currently works at Ash Fine Cigars in Hoboken, NJ. In addition to his interest in tobacco, Charlie is a semi-fluent spanish speaker, an amateur swing dancer and musician, specializing in guitar, vocals and keyboards.

Charlie’s first cigar was a Romeo & Juliet Reserva Real Connecticut Robusto. Some of his favorite smokes include the Cohiba Espléndido, the Padrón 1926 Anniversary, the Oliva Serie V, the Rocky Patel Decade, and the Camacho Connecticut.

Matthias Clock

Matthias Clock

Matthias founded Fine Tobacco NYC in 2010. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he enjoys spending his spare time discussing politics, playing the guitar and piano, teaching Argentine tango, and organizing New York's cigar events. Matthias discovered and fell in love with cigars in 2007.

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