AVO Cigars Launches AVO Expressions 2024 Featuring Collaboration with DJ D-Nice

AVO Cigars

AVO Cigars has announced the introduction of the AVO Expressions 2024, a limited edition cigar developed in collaboration with DJ D-Nice. This release is part of AVO Cigars’ ongoing effort to blend the craft of cigar making with distinct artistic influences, honoring the legacy of its founder, Avo Uvezian, who was both a musician and a cigar creator. The new offering will become available to consumers in the United States on April 18.

Crafting Through Collaboration

The AVO Expressions 2024 is a result of a collaboration meant to reflect DJ D-Nice’s influence from the music world, specifically his work as a DJ. The production is limited to 6,900 boxes, each containing fifteen cigars, aiming to offer a special experience to the cigar aficionado. This initiative continues AVO Cigars’ tradition of partnering with individuals recognized for their expertise and creativity, mirroring Uvezian’s own transition from music to cigar making.

Blend and Construction

The cigar features a unique addition of Bourbon cask aged filler tobacco, aiming to infuse the blend with caramel notes, which is a nod to DJ D-Nice’s creative output and AVO’s craftsmanship. The design of the cigar includes a toro shape with a pigtail, underscoring the brand’s focus on detail and quality.

Tasting Experience

Designed to guide the smoker on a complex flavor journey, the AVO Expressions 2024 starts with sweet cream and cedar wood, evolves into coffee and spice, and finishes with a combination of caramel, buttercream, and roasted coffee. This progression aims to emulate the experience of a well-curated set of music, moving from one note to the next with elegance.


Scheduled for release on April 18, the AVO Expressions 2024 adds to AVO Cigars’ repertoire of products that seek to marry the artistry of cigar making with the creative expression found in music and beyond.