The Best (and Worst) Websites to Buy Cigars Online in 2024

I’ve been making cigar purchases big and small online for more than ten years and let me tell you – not all retailers are equal.

By my count, there are at least 30+ cigar stores online. And while you’ll see many of the same brands on these websites, there are huge differences between the different retailers. Price, quality, and customer service are obviously the most important indicators a good retailer: but different retailers will appeal to different customers. So below I’ve ranked my top retailers, all of which I’ve personally ordered from. I’ve also dropped a few of the worst websites as well because – well, no one likes being scammed, taken advantage of, or getting substandard product.

The Best Websites to Buy Cigars Online

Famous Smoke Shop

Famous Smoke is, in my opinion, the gold standard for online cigar ordering. They have a great selection of both classics and boutiques, as well as a weekly offering of deals that make it easy to splurge. I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years on Famous and have never had any issues with out of stock cigars being sold, cigars arriving dried out, etc. Prices are sold, orders are always packaged securely, their customer service is responsive, and the shipping is insanely fast. I often receive orders sent with standard shipping in just two days, which is a big plus.

They also still operate Cigar Monster, which is a take on the ‘deal an hour’ fad of the 2000s, so if you’re looking to camp out for a deal, it’s a good option.

Cigar Page

Cigar Page is a close runner up. I’ve also spent thousands here as well because the prices are excellent, they have a really solid selection. For regular cigar smokers, it’s an excellent option – just bookmark the page and check back in each day for brand new deals. Also worth getting on their email list because they email out special deals to subscribers every couple of days that aren’t listed publicly on their website.

They’ve also begun creating some of their own value priced lines which are really solid, including the Penn Standard which for the price is a great option.

Smoke Inn

Smoke Inn is an excellent choice for enthusiasts looking for the newest blends from the most popular up-and-coming brands. They have samplers hand picked by knowledgeable staff and enthusiasts, and even more notably, they carry some event-only releases that are typically near impossible to find. It’s also worth noting that they have their own cigar of the month club that is known for including impressive mixes of hard to find cigars.

Luxury Cigar Club

When I last wrote this list, Luxury Cigar Club was something of a new kid on the block. Not anymore. Their store has expanded every year, and in addition to their popular cigar of the month club which includes multiple tiers of customization, they also carry up and coming brands that are vetted by the Luxury Cigar Club team. There’s no better retailer online for cigar enthusiasts looking to discover the brands that are blowing up on the scene.

The Worst Websites to Buy Cigars Online

Thomson Cigar

I hate to say it, but Thomson Cigar lands on my worst list for its third consecutive time. This is a retailer to avoid. The proof? Do a google search for Thomson Cigar and you’ll see in the first few results a link to, a customer review platform. Their page has over 250 reviews, and only 6% of reviewers recommend Thomson Cigar. The main issue, outside of quality and poor customer service, seems to be that many reviewers claim Thomson signed them up for monthly charges that they didn’t agree to and weren’t aware of.

Unfortunately, these aren’t old reviews (as of this writing) – negative reviews are still rolling in.

It’s also worth noting that on my previous best cigar retailer lists, I had dozens of comments saying the exact same thing. Here’s one comment from 2022:

I recently placed an order with Thompson. I noticed it was “processing” for a long time so I contacted them. They said I owed a balance from almost a year ago and two orders ago. I contacted Pay Pal who assured me the order was paid and I provided proof to Thompson. I also asked them if I had not paid why did you ship the order? Why did you process my other orders since then and why i am just hearing about this now. If I had not paid why did you not try to contact me and why did you send out other orders after that? Still no reply from them. I used to do a lot of ordering from them – they just lost a customer. I’ll make sure my friends know about this also.

Solo Cigars

There’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to any cigar retailer: if a deal sounds too good to be true and you haven’t ordered from the website before, always do some googling and check the reputation of the seller. The same is true with Solo Cigars, which has been accused many times of selling counterfeit cigars after listing prices that sounded too good to be true.

Instagram and Facebook sellers

This is a new entry to my list but Facebook and Instagram accounts selling cigars has become much more common in recent years. Of course, selling cigars on these platforms is against terms of service. The short answer here is: don’t buy from sellers claiming to have products at great prices. These are almost always scams. Just don’t do it.

So that’s my list, updated for 2024. Are there stellar cigar retailers I’ve missed? Drop them in the comments. Are there retailers you’ve personally had major problems with? Mention them in the comments and lets all help each other out!