Drew Estate Celebrates Lunar New Year with Liga Privada Unico Serie Bakkwa

In a nod to Lunar New Year traditions, Drew Estate has unveiled the Liga Privada Unico Serie Bakkwa, a special edition cigar that encapsulates the essence of the festive season. Available exclusively through CoH Cigars in Hong Kong, this release is designed to honor one of the most significant celebrations in Asian culture.

The Liga Privada Unico Serie Bakkwa is presented as a full-bodied, Churchill-sized cigar. It is wrapped in a unique Connecticut Stalk Cut wrapper that promises a robust and complex flavor profile, aiming to mirror the richness of Lunar New Year festivities. The inspiration behind this cigar comes from Bakkwa, a cherished Chinese delicacy known for its sweet, savory taste and its association with good fortune and prosperity. Drew Estate seeks to bridge cultures by integrating the symbolic value of Bakkwa into a luxurious smoking experience.

Jonathan Drew, the Founder and President of Drew Estate, reflects on the creation: “I’m inspired by Bakkwa’s role as a cultural bridge, encapsulating festivity and indulgence in the form of a premium cigar. Drew Estate’s diversity, in terms of both our team and our philosophies, shines through in this unique offering. It’s an embodiment of our zest for life and passion.”

Distinguishing the Liga Privada Unico Serie Bakkwa is its Connecticut Habano seed wrapper, an exclusive feature to Drew Estate that adds a spicy, bold layer to the cigar’s complexity. This edition is made more unique by its continuation of the Unico Serie’s tradition of pork-themed cigars, aligning with Bakkwa’s cultural significance.

Offered in 12-count boxes, each box is set at a retail price of $235, making it a premium choice for aficionados and collectors alike, especially those celebrating or appreciating Lunar New Year traditions. The Liga Privada Unico Serie Bakkwa stands as a testament to Drew Estate’s commitment to crafting culturally rich and innovative smoking experiences.