Industry Spotlight: Robert Spoden of Bucanero Cigars

Today we continue our interview series of cigar industry professionals who work behind the scenes to bring you some of your favorite smokes. Up today is a digital sit down I had with Robert Spoden of Bucanero Cigars. Bucanero is, to many, an unknown brand in the cigar industry. I was a bit curious about this, seeing as Bucanero cigars have received some incredible ratings from industry reviewers. Below is our interview, and as always, drop questions in the comments section!


Robert Spoden

FTNYC: Where does Bucanero come from in terms of selecting a name? Why Bucanero?

Spoden: The name Bucanero is a Spanish term for the English word Buccaneer. It, I felt, was the perfect name for our company many years ago as we started off manufacturing premium cigars against the norm of the cigar industry at the time. We continue to do that today.

We employ old Cuban cigar making standards in the way we make our cigars. Due to these additional costs many large cigar manufactures are reluctant to go to these extremes. Many of the large cigar manufactures are publicly traded companies and the bottom line prohibits such additional expenses in manufacturing hand made cigars. Extended aging and draw testing and the use of small cigar plantations (Finca’s) fine tobaccos simply sets us apart .

The name Bucanero fits us to a tee.

FTNYC: You guys seem to have a very unique brand. What type of cigar smoker are you trying to reach?

Spoden: For many years we exclusively sold our cigars through brick and mortar retail shops coast to coast. In New York City, Dela Concha’s (1390 6th Avenue New York, NY 10019) was one of our major retailers. For many years we did their Christmas Holiday main cigar event. After 911 we supported charity events for the New York Fire Department via Del Concha’s and furnished complimentary cigars to many black tie events supporting this wonderful cause in the Big Apple. Bucanero cigars was one of Dela Concha’s best selling cigar brands for many years. Cigar lovers in New York City purchased a wide array of our cigar blends.

We have an assortment of Bucanero blends in many different strength and flavor profiles. We do not target any particular type of cigar lover. What we do target are those cigar lovers who seek high quality at a true value. So often we are lead to believe that price equates to quality. I believe we have put that notion to rest when it comes to enjoying a cigar.

FTNYC: What drew you into the cigar industry, and what has kept you there since 1994? Does your family have a history in cigars prior to 1994?

Spoden: I enter the cigar industry as a result of a dear friends insistence. One of the worlds best cigar master blenders.

I have a passion for a fine cigar. We set off from the beginning to make exceptional cigars that were not the norm in the industry. We employed tobaccos from small finca’s from 10 different nations around the world to achieve our signature blends. A costly process that we embraced.

FTNYC: I read your reviews page, and you’ve gotten some pretty lofty ratings. If someone was going to give Bucanero cigars a try, which ones would you recommend most (mild, medium, and full body)?

Spoden: We make a wide range of premium cigars to meet the palate preferences of most cigar lovers. Anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of what Bucanero blend would best meet their palate requirements can email me Not only do we make fine cigars we also go the distance in offering our customers the best customer service in the industry today. Bar none.

Our numerous high ratings from so many different cigar review sources simply reassured us that by taking the high road in manufacturing our cigars we made the right decision. A small company must offer something exceptional. But small companies lack the resources to nationally brand their product. We depend as such on word of mouth referrals. From one cigar lover to the next. That is the way we advertise and grow.

FTNYC: Are your cigars available in any shops for our readers in New York City?

Spoden: Not anymore. A couple of years ago we decided to go direct to cigar lovers via our web site: We did this to make our cigars affordable to all that covet a fine cigar blend. During the days of exclusive distribution to retail shops our cigars were known to be very expensive boutique cigar. Today a cigar lover can buy our premium blends at true wholesale pricing, under $5.00 per cigar. Years ago prices ranged from $12.00 – $18.00 per stick at retail shops.

Not many cigar companies would do such a thing. Going direct. But as such we now offer high quality cigars at a true value. Value it seems today is such a coveted thing. As it should be. As a result of going direct via the Internet we closed down our distribution to cigar retailers years ago. Bucanero’s can only be purchased online.

We ship our cigars in humidity controlled packaging. To insure they arrive in perfect order. Orders are processed quickly. Customer support is important. Customer satisfaction is a must. We would like to offer all cigar lovers the opportunity to experience what we have worked hard to achieve.