The Carnegie Club Hosts the “Fall Smoker” with El Cedro Cigars and Johnnie Walker Platinum


On October 23rd, The Carnegie Club hosted the “Fall Smoker” with special sponsorship from El Cedro Cigars and Johnnie Walker Platinum. During the event, more than 120 cigar smokers enjoyed the new line from El Cedro Cigars, which has received high reviews from many cigar reviewers (including this site as well). ¬†Guests also enjoyed a tasting of Johnnnie Walker Platinum, aged 18 years. The night also included live music and a raffle of a box of El Cedro Cigars and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label.

“Fall Smoker” is part of a long-standing tradition of seasonal events offered by the Carnegie Club. For years, New York City cigar smokers have chosen the iconic cigar bar as a haven from busy life in the city. The Carnegie Club also partners with FineTobaccoNYC on cigar and whiskey pairings, including the new, original pairing series called “Straight Up & Toasted.”