Balvenie Caribbean Cask – 14 Year

43% ABV – 86 Proof
Suggested Retail Price: $60+
Distiller Rating: 89
Whiskey Reviewer Rating: B+

Photo Courtesy William Grant & Sons

Mark Garbin’s Review: The Caribbean Cask, aged fourteen years, takes the Twelve’s scent but infuses tropical fruits into the nose. On the palate, the rum casks produce a sugar cane island extract that morphs into an easy Speyside smolder absent much oak. This harmony between two different liquors provides joy for the Enthusiast with no chance of a letdown.  Plain before eating works but try this as a substitute for rum in a highball. Nice!

Aromas & Flavor Appeals to:Optimal Client TypeGreat For:
Subtlety AficionadoApprenticeCocktails
Power Flavor AdmirerEnthusiastNeat Before Dinner
Balanced DevoteeAdventurerWith Food
Uni-Directional FanMountain ClimberDessert or Afterwards
Chameleon LoverHedonistWith a Cigar Aging whisky in rum casks can be a tricky proposition as the whisky can become overly “rummed”. To be successful, the rum should just enhance the whisky, not overpower it. The Balvenie have done well here. Tropical fruits, vanilla, and honey are present, but it isn’t intensely molasses or funky. – Stephanie Moreno

The Whiskey Reviewer: The Balvenie Caribbean Cask drink like a bigger, more potent scotch. In addition, it moves the mouth activity to the front and sides of the tongue and keeps it there before gradually fading out. The whole experience is one that is rich and creamy and satisfying.  The finish is driven by a smooth, soft vanilla flavor. This is an easy drinking single malt that is enjoyable for regular Scotch drinkers, but is particularly easy for those whisky/whiskey drinkers interested in trying some fine single malt Scotch for the first time. – Father John Rayls