Achill Island Distillery Unveils Two New Single Malts


Achill Island Distillery, located in Co, Mayo, Ireland, along the Wild Atlantic Way, has announced the release of two new single malt Irish whiskeys. The distillery’s location, known for its distinct Atlantic climate, plays a role in the maturation process of their whiskeys.

The first of these releases is the Achill Island Single Malt Peated Cask Strength 60% Limited Edition. This release marks the distillery’s first foray into peated whiskey, with only 400 units available, each individually numbered. Bottled at cask strength, 60% ABV, this single malt offers flavors of gentle peat, creamy vanilla, hazelnut, and a herbal smoky finish, complemented by aromas of lightly peated vanilla and crème caramel.

The second release, Achill Island Single Malt Bordeaux Cask Finish, is notable for being the first Irish whiskey distilled, matured, and bottled on Achill Island. It’s the distillery’s second release, bottled at 44% ABV. The flavor profile includes sultanas, summer fruits with a raspberry tang, juicy strawberry, and gentle vanilla chai spice, while its aroma features dark berries, forest fruits, and floral vanilla and crème caramel notes.

These two releases from Achill Island Distillery expand their single malt offerings, each with distinct characteristics influenced by the local climate and cask selection.