The Perfect Fifth Launches Oran Blended Scotch Whisky

The Perfect Fifth, an American independent Scotch Whisky bottler, has introduced Oran, a new line of blended Scotch Whisky. These blends have been created by Jim Murray, a renowned whisky critic and the author of “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.” Murray’s collaboration with The Perfect Fifth marks his first public role as an official blender for a company, bringing his 40 years of experience as a whisky taster, blender, and evaluator to the forefront.

Murray has crafted Oran to be an “old school” blend, aiming to replicate the style of blended whisky from around 100 years ago. Oran, which means “song” in Gaelic, represents a harmonious blend of grains and single malts. Murray’s intention with Oran is to offer delicate complexity and finely tuned balance, a nod to the era when blended Scotch was more prominently celebrated.

The initial launch includes two releases, Blend No. 1 and Blend No. 2. Both are 50-50-50 blends – 50 percent single malt Scotch Whisky, 50 percent single grain Scotch Whisky, and 50 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Each blend is a limited release with only 465 bottles produced for each.

A total of 11 different casks were utilized in creating both blends, with some casks shared between the two but in varying ratios. Blend No. 1, made exclusively from Ex-Bourbon casks, is characterized by a light smokiness and fruitier elements on the nose, a juicy mouthfeel with spices, and a chocolatey finish. Blend No. 2 incorporates a sherried cask component, offering a sweet grassy and lush nose, a delivery of honeydew melon sweetness, and a long, linear finish with tingling spice.

Karl Schoen, founder and CEO of The Perfect Fifth, expressed that Oran is an extension of his experiences in Scotland, blending the appreciation for the country’s natural beauty with a homage to its whisky craftsmanship.

Oran Blend No. 1 and Blend No. 2 are available in limited quantities in New York, New Jersey, and California and can also be purchased online at The suggested retail price for each 700 mL bottle is $189.