J. Mattingly 1845 Introduces Personalized Bourbon Bottles for the Holidays


J. Mattingly 1845, a historic Kentucky distillery, is offering personalized bourbon bottles, catering to the festive spirit of the holiday season. This initiative allows customers to create their custom bourbon blends, both online and in-person at their distillery in Frankfort, KY.

Since its establishment in 1845, the Mattingly family has been a prominent name in bourbon-making, known for their innovation and world-class production. The distillery’s legacy includes operating numerous distilleries since its inception and pioneering the column still, a key advancement in bourbon production.

Jeff Mattingly, a sixth-generation descendant of John Graves Mattingly, has innovated a unique bourbon blending process. This process allows guests to blend their own bourbon from selected “Double-Staved” barrels. Customers can personalize various aspects of their bottle, including the label, closure, wax color, and even name their creation.

Expanding this bespoke service, J. Mattingly 1845 is now offering the custom bourbon bottles through their online Holiday Custom Bourbon Experience. The distillery’s blending team has selected hundreds of barrels of Kentucky Bourbon and Rye Whiskey to create these special blends for the holiday season.

Andrew Varga, managing partner for J. Mattingly 1845 Distillery, expressed excitement over the opportunity for guests to create their custom blends, both at the distillery and through the newly launched online platform.

The online Holiday Custom Bourbon Experience is available on the jmattingly1845.com website starting today. Orders placed by December 8th are guaranteed to arrive by December 24th, while orders after this date will be shipped as soon as possible. Customers have the option to include a gift box and branded card for a complete gift-giving experience.

Harry Richart, president of J. Mattingly 1845 Distillery, highlights the flexibility of the service, accommodating both in-person and online customers. The in-person custom bourbon experience is available at the Frankfort Distillery through December 23rd, with reservations recommended. Gift cards are also available for both in-person and online experiences. Prices for the custom 750 mL bottles start at $155.