Chris Stapleton Collaborates with Buffalo Trace’s Harlen Wheatley for Traveller Whiskey

Grammy-winning musician Chris Stapleton and Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley have collaborated to introduce Traveller Whiskey. This new offering is a premium blended whiskey and signifies a first-of-its-kind partnership between the distillery and the artist.

Traveller Whiskey has been developed at Buffalo Trace Distillery. The development process involved extensive trials with over 50 blends, culminating in the selection of Blend No. 40 for the final product.

Chris Stapleton discussed the collaboration, emphasizing the natural connection between his music career and working with Buffalo Trace Distillery and Harlen Wheatley. He noted the presence of Buffalo Trace bottles during key moments in his music journey.

Harlen Wheatley described the whiskey-making process as akin to creating art, involving continuous experimentation and adjustments until achieving the desired result.

The whiskey, bottled at 90 proof, features a flavor profile with notes of oak, maple, currant, and leather, alongside aromas of vanilla, fruit, and shortbread, balanced with caramel and oak. It is a blend of selected whiskeys from The Sazerac Company’s distilleries.

The relationship between Stapleton and Buffalo Trace Distillery has grown since the recording of Stapleton’s first studio album, “Traveller.” During this period, he was introduced to E.H. Taylor, another whiskey from the distillery. The collaboration has also extended to support for Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s charitable fund, Outlaw State of Kind, through fundraising efforts.