Saturday Cigar Survey: How Big is Your Cigar Collection?

First, a thanks to @KelvinB for his suggestion for this week’s Saturday Cigar Survey! This week’s survey is a simple inquiry about the average online cigar smoker. How many do you have in your personal stock at any point in time?  Most cigar smokers will start with a few cigars on hand, realize they need a humidor and buy a 25-100 cigar humidor. From there, who knows?  I’ve got my eyes on a much larger humidor (300 count), though I won’t be able to afford it as long as I’m in college.

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The results from last week’s survey regarding whether or not Cuban cigars are overrated. Of course, the statement itself is a bit of a generalization, but people have strong feelings on the subject.  The result of the survey was that 70% (14 votes) of participants found Cuban cigars to be overrated (as compared to their Dominican, Nicaraguan, etc counterparts).  30% (6 votes) claimed Cuban cigars are worth the hype.  You can view and vote in last week’s survey by clicking here.