Cigar Review: Viaje C4

Viaje C4

Every now and again, a new cigar on the market really adds a bit of creativity to the spectrum of cigars and breaks the mold. This is the case with the Viaje C-4. I was originally turned on to this cigar by Billy at Cigar Inn, and after being a bit skeptical decided to give it a try. Having not smoked this cigar yet, I’m curious to see how it matches up with its $15 price point. I’ll also admit I’m a bit intimidated by the cigar. This is a white label project cigar, meaning very limited edition, and knowing Viaje’s tendency for full flavor and spice, C-4 could be a kick in the mouth.
Blend Specifics
Size : 5 x 56 box press
Wrapper : Nicaraguan Corojo ‘99
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan

Appearance & Construction

The first thing you’ll notice about this cigar, aside from the plain white label loudly declaring “C-4” is the fascinating rectangular box press shape. You’ll also notice that both ends are capped, requiring a rare double-cut. Aside from that the cigar is constructed well, with a good draw. Prelight draw reveals heavy spice, granola, and leather.

Then I run into a surprise. As I’m inspecting the cigar, I find what appears to be a piece of grass sticking out of the wrapper, so I give it a tug and find that it runs under the leaf around the cigar. It appears (pictured below) to be a piece of plastic that was missed. What a bummer for any cigar smoker who accidentally smoked that plastic, and what a bummer for Viaje to have the probably one C-4 with plastic inside to be sold to a cigar reviewer.


Flavor & Smoke Characteristics

This cigar kicks off with loads of leather and spice. Not a whole lot else to report there. But about half an inch in, the smoke calms down a bit and the leather becomes prominent, which I’m happy about. I really enjoy the leather profile and have noticed it in other Viaje cigars.

Around halfway (this is a slow-smoking cigar), the smoke remains smooth and I pick up just a hint of honey, which pairs pretty nicely with the leather. The burn is beginning to skew a bit, requiring a few touchups.


For the price, this cigar just isn’t worth it. Though I’m a fan of Viaje Cigars, they’ll really have to outperform if they are going to sell their sticks at $10+. BUT, if you are a big fan of the smoky, leathery profile, you might give this stick a try.

Final grade: B-

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