24-Hour Whiskey Tasting Breaks World Record (Kind Of)

It seems that, in spite of how enthusiastic the Scottish are about their alcohol, the most recent attempt at a Guinness record for “longest whiskey tasting” is a failure, but not for the typical reason. The group of Whiskey aficionados did in-fact break the world record – but no Guinness officials showed up to witness the event, stripping the team of their world record.

The team of Whiskey lovers traveled to eight cities and eight whiskey shops over the 24-hour period, traveling over 643 miles.

Andrew Torrence from the Whiskey Shop (one of the event organizers) explained the development of the idea saying,

“I heard someone talking about the world’s biggest whisky tasting and I felt that it was a record that should be held by Scotland but it wasn’t. I got to thinking and had the idea that if we couldn’t do the biggest we should do the most, so that’s how it developed.”

The tastings focused on three core Compass Box whiskeys:

  1. Great King Street Blend
  2. Peet Monster
  3. The Spice Tree

The DailyMeal writes that

“The officials from Guinness contacted the team a few days after the event to let them know it would have broken the record. However, they could not officially count it because they were not able to attend.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty pissed if I traveled to eight cities in 24 hours and didn’t get the record because some lazy Guinness reps didn’t show up. But in any case, hats off to such a dedicated group of whiskey aficionados.

You can read a short article on the story here or here on thedrinkbusiness.com.

Edinburgh Whiskey Tasting
Birmingham tasting


Oxford tasting
London tasting
Brighton tasting