Ash Fine Cigars Stocks Alec Bradley “Filthy Hooligan” in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

Ash Fine Cigars in Hoboken, NJ announced via Instagram this morning that they now carry the Alec Bradley “Filthy Hooligan,” a variation of the Alec Bradley Black Market that features a bright green candela wrapper. As the marketing strongly suggests, this cigar was created exclusively for St. Patties Day festivities.

From what I can tell through my work with Ivan Grullon (shop owner), his industry connections have allowed him to receive these cigars much more quickly than most shops in the city.

Ash Fine Cigars is located at 203 Washington St. in Hoboken, NJ. If you haven’t been by already, I strongly recommend dropping by. The selection is great, and the prices are significantly below any you will find across the river in the city.

Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan