Cigar Inn Wins Best House Blend in Longfillers Lounge Tournament

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Our friends over at LongFillersLounge cigar blog announced just last week that Cigar Inn took home the 1st place prize in New York City’s (or probably anywhere) first ever house blend tasting tournament. The contest featured house blends from cigar shops like Velvet Cigar Lounge (Manhattan), Refugio Cigar House (Brooklyn), Ash Cigars (Hoboken), Cigar Inn (Manhattan), and Excalibur Lounge.

Here’s how the guys at LongFillersLounge concluded:

“In what was the toughest decision of the tournament by far, Cigar Inn’s great bold flavors just edged out the Exlcusivo enough to take the win, but man was it close. In each of the match-ups previous to this, Longfillers was unanimous in our decision of what deserved to win. In this match-up we were not able to come to a unanimous decision, and Cigar Inn won by a 2-1 vote, it was literally that close all the way to the end. These are both great cigars, not only in terms of house blends, but against all cigars. If you walked into either of these shops, and did not pick up at least one house blend, you would be doing yourself a disservice.”

So here’s a shout out from one NYC blog to another: great job on this contest. What a great way to encourage local business at B&Ms and have a kickass time doing it. And next time, hopefully you won’t have to pay for the cigars!

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