Scotch Review: Ardbeg 10 Year


Up for review today: Ardbeg 10 Year. This spirit is one of the peatiest of the single malt’s, and though not my favorite scotch certainly ranks in my top 20. Let’s see why:

Ardbeg 10 Year

Bottling Specifics

  • 46% ABV, non chill-filtered
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Region: Islay
  • Distiller: Ardbeg


The nose lets of a multitude of enjoyable notes. Initially black pepper, smoke and menthol. After a moments pause and another smell, I pick up a hint of vanilla and ocean spray.


Taste the Ardbeg 10 and you’ll understand why some call it one of the most complex Scotches in the world. There is, quite simply, a lot going on. Vanilla, smoke, wood, subtle spices, and charcoal… and probably four or five more flavors I had a harder time picking out. Starting gently, the flavor of this scotch ends with smoke, medicinal notes, and charcoal, at full flavor.


The finish is by far my favorite part of this spirit. On one hand, the finish is clean and precise. On the other, after each sip I’m left with a nice long finish of sea salt and floral notes.


Ardbeg 10 is proof that the journey is more important than the destination. Just in the process of writing this review I’m reminded of how much I appreciate the complexity of this scotch.

Final Grade: A