Jura 18 Year Review

Power Flavor for the Adventurer with After Dinner Cigar

Product Specifics

  • Whisky Reviewed: Jura 18 Year
  • Distiller: Jura Distillery
  • Region: Inner Hebrides
  • ABV: 44% (88 proof)
  • Matured in: ex-bourbon / ex-red wine

Mark’s Review

“Friendship is a smoke made with the fume of sighs”. Shakespeare’s Romeo must mean Jura 18. I can’t recall drinking such a smoke grenade but if you’re a cigar lover, it’s a magnificent bomb. Don’t concern yourself with the toffee ocean spray red wine tannin nose. Forget the acrid iodine Scottish seaside taste. Focus on the campfire starting at mid-palate continuing to the ever-lasting grilled tobacco white pepper finish.

People I know speak in hushed tones of the Cu Avana Punisher stogie and its stunning hot spice.  Katman’s quote is hilarious: “I believe this cigar was really invented by Otolaryngologists who are drumming up business . . . I’m pretty sure I will need to see one to remove the scar tissue from the tip of my tongue.” He too describes this 18-year-old dynamo.

A power monster, water only diluted the force. So skip the aqua. Apprentices say “not for me.” An Enthusiast wonders “Who on earth…?” The Hedonist, always in search of stunning flavors, won’t find any here. But the Adventurer, who conquers mountains because they exist, finds comfort in this dram. Note the huge disparity in ratings. (3 out of 10? Huh?) Like I say: One person’s 95 is another’s 75. It means if you don’t crave it, move on. Otherwise prepare to fall in love. Pack either the Punisher or a stick of strength. You’ll require a companion on this trip!

Mark Garbin’s Evaluation

Aromas & Flavor Appeals to: Optimal Client Type Great For:
Subtlety Aficionado Apprentice Cocktails
Power Flavor Admirer Enthusiast Neat Before Dinner
Balanced Devotee Adventurer With Food
Chameleon Lover Hedonist Dessert or After Meal Cigar

Other expert reviews of Jura 18

Distiller.com review: The classic Jura flavors of light smoke and intense brininess are regally framed by the bourbon cask’s indulgent tones of toasted honey comb, pie crust, and vanilla cream. On the palate the red wine casks are felt with a pleasant impact of sweet red currant and dried cherry. The malt has a nice full-ish body and a lingering finish that shows a return of the peaty and salty maritime flavors of the distillate. –John Rankin

USC review: This enigmatic scotch shows overlapping tones of packed salt, preserved cherry, and baked figs. There is distinct red fruit character in the mouth that plays a beautiful contrast to intense maritime iodine that underpins the experience of the dram.

Malt-Review: A pretty lacklustre 18 year old by any stretch of the imagination. I can name several similarly aged whiskies for around this price point. Go find a Tasliker 18 or the delightful Inchmurrin 18 year old and really experience a well made whisky that hasn’t been messed with.

Hapa Mag review: There’s only one way for me to describe this whisky: spicy!! This single malt packs a fiery punch as it dances down your gullet. With sharp hints of cinnamon and holiday aromatics, this is a whisky I’d use for mulled wine, eggnog, or a hot toddy. If you have a holiday cocktail party in your future, spice things up with Jura 18. –Melissa Slaughter