Eladio Diaz Celebrates 70th Birthday with Commemorative Cigar Launch at InterTabac Show

In a significant milestone for the cigar industry, veteran tobacco expert Eladio Diaz is launching a celebratory cigar in honor of his 70th birthday. This comes after Diaz, a former associate of Davidoff, established his own Dominican factory, Tabacalera Diaz Cabrera, in 2022.

The new cigar, aptly named the Eladio Diaz 70 Aniversario, will make its debut at the upcoming InterTabac trade show in Dortmund, Germany. Initially intended for the European market, the cigar showcases an intriguing mix of tobacco from different origins. It combines an Ecuadoran wrapper, a Mexican binder, and five various types of Dominican tobacco in the filler. The exact varietals of these tobaccos are being kept secret by Diaz, who has crafted the cigar to present a medium-to-full bodied strength.

Historically, Eladio Diaz has been known for blending special cigars for his birthday celebration. These were not commercially available but were given as gifts to friends and visitors. The tradition continues with the Eladio Diaz 70 Aniversario, albeit with a new twist – these cigars will be available for sale.

The number seven plays a significant role in the making of this blend. Diaz began his journey with tobacco at the age of seven, marking 63 years in the industry this year. Moreover, the cigar measures 7 inches in length and comprises seven different tobacco leaves. In a reflection of this theme, the cigar will be sold in boxes of 14 (a multiple of seven), with a total production limited to 1,400 boxes.

Diaz, expressing his sentiments about the new cigar to Cigarjournal, said, “It is a slightly sweet and spicy tobacco, which seeks a complete stimulation of the mouth, with a very harmonious creamy sensation, balanced and complex in a medium-high body.” He added, humorously, that the cigar “burns regularly and is not badly built at all.”

The presentation of the Eladio Diaz 70 Aniversario at the InterTabac show marks a significant evolution in Diaz’s journey. He, along with his wife Griselda Cabrera, his sons Héctor, Emmanuel, and Alexander, and close collaborator José Ignacio Vásquez, originally intended the Tabacalera Diaz Cabrera for the production of private labels. Now, Diaz is transitioning from solely manufacturing for others to establishing his own brand in the market.

In addition to the celebratory Eladio Diaz 70 Aniversario, the company is also planning a regular production line expected to be sold in U.S. stores before the end of the year, demonstrating the brand’s aspiration to grow and cater to a wider global audience.