Review: Tobacconist of Greenwich Rare Finds Blend 1011-42

Today, I’m reviewing the Rare Finds Blend 1011-42, a cigar crafted by Henke and Klaas Kelner exclusively for The Tobacconist of Greenwich. This cigar, aged 3-5 years, hails from the Dominican Republic, continuing the legacy of quality tobacco from the Kelner family, renowned for their work with Davidoff and their own Kelner Cigars, S.A.S. in Santiago de los Caballeros​​​​​​.

Product Specifics

  • Cigar Reviewed: Rare Finds Blend 1011-42
  • Format: Robusto
  • Size: 55 x 5.5
  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Aged: 3-5 years

Appearance & Construction

There’s no other way to say it – this is an elegant cigar, with a unique band that seems intent on helping to justify the high price point of the cigar – we’ll see if the cigar performs! Otherwise, the construction is great. No soft spots, nice and firm, with a good, average draw..

Flavor & Smoke Characteristics

First Third: The journey begins with a light body but a boldness in strength that defies expectation. High smoke production envelopes the senses with sweet almonds, leather, and toasted bread, all underpinned by a hint of bitter black pepper. The aroma is particularly striking, offering a sweet, nutty, and floral contrast. Delicious.

Second Third: As the experience continues, the aroma evolves, gaining sweet spiciness and a touch of cream. The palate is centered on a spicy, savory, and slightly bitter profile, where black pepper becomes more pronounced, leaving a lingering spice on the tongue.

Final Third: predominant notes of almonds and wood, accented by dashes of spice. The construction remains flawless, characterized by a razor-sharp burn and continued excellent smoke production.


The Rare Finds Blend 1011-42 is a remarkable first release from The Tobacconist of Greenwich. It’s a cigar that demands a slow, sipping approach, allowing the flavors to develop without overheating the ember. The flavors on the palate are delightful, but it’s the aroma that truly distinguishes this cigar. Priced at $48, it stands tall amongst high-end offerings, demonstrating its value through an exquisite smoking experience.

This is an excellent cigar. Well worth pursuing. You can purchase it on the Tobacconist of Greenwich website here.

Final Score: 92