Ohio Bible Study Blends the Leaf and the Word

Pastor uses love of cigars to get the word of God out

If you thought the only thing to do in a cigar lounge is smoke, watch football, and sip scotch, you’d be wrong. Cleveland.com reported yesterday on a Bible study group that is meeting at Cigar, Cigars and puffing their way through the gospels of St. Matthew and St. John.

A few selections from the article:

“Van Scyoc, pastor of St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Rocky River, has been conducting Bible studies at Cigar Cigars for about three years. So far, the group has puffed through John and are now smoking into Matthew.

He says he told his congregation about the idea and no one objected, so he went ahead, naming it Smokin’ Bible Study. “There are those who might say, ‘What kind of a Christian would smoke a cigar?’ ” says Van Scyoc.

Gilbert, butting in, says, “Let that be our only sin.”

The lounge bears the same name as another we recently reported on as having launched a charity drive to bring in clothing for the homeless.

Smokers in Ohio should think twice before they buy their next sampler or box of cigars online and consider supporting a small business that gives back to the community and allows small groups to meet.

You can read the full article here.