CRA Reports: Another U.S. Senator Says ‘Yes’ to Freedom and Co-Sponsors S. 1461

Release a few days ago via the Cigar Rights of America newsletter, it looks like we’ve got another U.S. Senator on board with the CRA/IPCPR push to avoid FDA regulation of cigars.

Co-Sponsors S. 1461

Cigar Rights of America welcomes Senator Dean Heller (R) of Nevada as the 14th member of the United States Senate to join as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1461.

Dion Giollito, owner of Illusione Cigars and the FUMARE cigar shop of Reno, noted on behalf of the Nevada Cigar Association, “We are very proud to have Senator Heller join all three members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Nevada on the legislation that can work to prevent FDA from seizing control of cigars. Without this legislation, FDA regulations would threaten the livelihood of thousands of cigar shop owners and employees throughout America — jeopardizing the very existence of this industry as we know it. The federal government has higher priorities, and we certainly hope Senator Heller and Representatives Amodei, Heck and Berkley can work with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed, D-Nevada to advance this legislation. Having Senator Heller and each of our Representatives on the same legislation certainly speaks to the virtue of this effort.”

Click the links below to view the full bill text and the list of all co-sponsors:

H.R. 1639
S. 1461