Recap: The Smoker Social With Glenfiddich 15 and La Hoja Cigars at Merchants NY Cigar Bar

On Tuesday, October 14th, over 100 New York City cigar and whisky enthusiasts attended FineTobaccoNYC’s second “Smoker Social” at Merchants NY Cigar Bar. The event featured premium scotch whisky from Glenfiddich, including Glenfiddich 12 and 15 year. Guests also enjoyed the Hoja de Flores Black Label, a new premium cigar from La Hoja Cigars.

Starting at 7pm, the event ran well into the evening. Glenfiddich and La Hoja were accompanied by a local Jazz quartet that played a sample of American jazz classics.

Merchants NY Cigar bar, the venue for the event, offered guests access to their luxurious lounge area with full bar and food service, a level of luxury only three other venues in all of New York City can boast. The event was also joined by Sara Elizabeth of Somm in the City.

Previous FineTobaccoNYC events have featured premium spirits selections from Johnnie Walker, Brugal, Zacapa, Bulleit, and cigar companies including Espinosa, Moya Ruiz, Alec Bradley, Reinado, Hispaniola, La Hoja, and many more. Sign up for our mailing list below to hear about future events.