Hawaiian Cigars: Coming to a Tobacconist Near You

kauai cigar

Who knew Hawaii could grow tobacco suitable for premium cigars? I didn’t before I read “A Growing Vision,” an article on CigarAficionado.com posted about a week ago. In it, Alejandro Benes, writing for Cigar Aficionado, writes of Les Drent of the Kauai Cigar Co.

Benes quotes Drent saying “We planted a few rows in 2006. I really started smoking cigars in 2005, 2006. My grandfather used to smoke cigars when I was growing up… I loved the smell of a good cigar.” As a child, Drent would visit his grandparents at the Jersey Shore. “Everybody smoked cigars and drove Cadillacs.” Drent recalls and laughs. “I loved smelling the cigars.”

Benes goes on to write,

“When I produce a cigar with tobacco grown here in Kauai that can be as good, if different, from what they’re producing for us in Nicaragua,” Drent explains, “that’s when I’ll be somewhat satisfied.” Even Drent smiles when he hears himself say that. “My next move is to spend a couple of months on the mainland and sell,” Drent promises. “I’m gonna pack the van with cigars and free stuff and put it on the website and let everyone know I’m coming.” You can just see it in his eyes. For Les Drent, it’s all about the journey.”

Pretty interesting stuff. I don’t suppose Drent will be dropping by New York City anytime soon, but if he is, I hope he gets in touch with industry leaders here to host a big event. Heck, if you read this Drent, send me an email or drop a comment and we’ll plan a big event somewhere nice in Manhattan.

Best of luck to Drent. I certainly hope to smoke some fine Hawaiian tobacco some day.

You can read the full article on Cigar Aficionado here. Find Kauai Cigar Co on Facebook here.