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Light Warrior Designs Bracelet

As is often the case cigar enthusiasts who seek quality in their smokes this often lends itself to the pursuit of other accoutrements of equal caliber. Appreciating the hands-on craft along with the time and care placed in it becomes almost an obsession seeking out the best and most unique items.  These aficionados indulge in the finest timepieces, spirits, designer lighters, cutters and tailored suits.  Today accessories in one’s life not only define individuality but show others you have an affinity for the bespoke.  More than the articles themselves it’s the story and understanding of the care that goes into the item being created and what makes it so special; To the Bon Vivant’s of the world that’s the attraction… Enter Dana Livoti of Light Warrior Designs.

Dana is the founder, creator and owner of Light Warrior Designs and her shop Intuition in the seaside town of Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island NY. Dana has been creating handcrafted jewelry and clothing since 2011 with an emphasis on bringing true light and positivity to the world. Her ethos is what inspired her to create Light Warrior Designs bracelets and its new line for men. Dana understood that the individuals who appreciate a fine cigar are the same people who wear custom suits, pair them with cuff links, pocket squares and luxury watches. Her bespoke Light Warrior bracelets pair perfect with a suit, business casual attire or simply with a t-shirt relaxing on the weekend.

More than just the style these bracelets are truly individualistic as they are created specifically for the person who will wear them.   Dana states “The bracelet picks the client as the client picks the bracelet, clients choose bracelets based on what stones they are intuitively  drawn to, they read the meaning of the stone and are amazed that the stones properties are exactly what they need”.  Finding what suits that individual is paramount as the look of the natural gemstones should accent the person wearing them and how they can benefit from it.  As these are custom orders a client can add symbols in addition to the gemstones to give them that personal touch and provide something meaningful.

As any man who pursues the finest products naturally the question is asked regarding sourcing and the quality of the product. Dana sources only the highest quality, natural, polished, raw cut crystals and semi-precious gemstones from all over the world. She seeks them out and inspects them and if they do not meet her standard they are not utilized. The quality is on par with the finest designers out there. Being a Bespoke product Dana is the sole person who creates these items. This ensures the utmost quality control of the item and you can rest in the knowledge that the owner is the sole creator of the bracelet designed for you.

In having the pleasure of meeting Dana she created some bracelets for me that not only look great but captured meaning for me. One such design was the Dragon Bracelet. The natural colors of greens, sandalwood and polished black with a silver dragon subtly placed on it not only looks stylish but stood for things that resonated with me. The Dragon Dana says stands for valiance, heroism, boldness, self-confidence, power, excellence, perseverance, nobility, vitality and happiness. It brings about physical as well as spiritual well-being and strength. It is related to new beginnings and rebirth. The best thing about bespoke items is the conversation piece you can have with people. The Dragon bracelet for sure has elicited a lot of positive discussion and energy with people when they have asked me about it.

Dana Livoti appears to be in touch with understanding people’s passions and what they are seeking. As such she works diligently to design a product created just for them. Dana gives her personal touch on all she creates and the craftsmanship shows. To have someone who not only cares about the product being created but wanting to serve the individual who orders it is the epitome of a bespoke piece. Light Warrior Designs men’s bracelet line enhances the gentleman who wants to add another layer to his style and meaning to how he lives his life. As men who work hard and appreciate the best we can get I think we deserve it. Dana is available for consulting and special orders/request via her website as well as visiting her shop Intuition in Cold Spring Harbor.


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