Cigar Wars: Government Action Could Hit JT Cigarro’s “Members Only Room”

JT Cigarro

A cigar lounge in Fargo, ND could be facing legal action after trying to exploit a loophole in the statewide smoking ban.

According to an article written for a ND news outlet:

“Fargo Cass Public Health director Ruth Bachmeier says she plans to file a complaint with Cass County prosecutors against the JT Cigarro owner, who’s been allowing people to smoke in a “members only” room through what he has called a “loophole” in the law.”

This strikes me as just another example of the bizarre trend of state clampdown on private smoking locations. As many non-smokers agree, there is no compelling public health reason disallow cigar lounges from allowing smoking, especially in a separate members only room. Every individual entering that shop, especially members, are more than aware that they will encounter smoke, and have implicitly agreed to take the risk of being in the same room as smoke.


This story should also stand as an example to NYC cigar shops that open and allow smoking before smoking licenses are obtained: don’t do it. It isn’t worth getting a $5000 fine or having your shop closed. Wait for your permit.

For more information about JT Cigarro, check out their Facebook pageRead the full article here.