Announcement to Newcomers!

In the past week we’ve seen a pretty substantial increase in new traffic to the site (very encouraging!), as well as a lot of inquiries via our twitter and email, so for those of you just showing up, please note that this site is still under construction. Guy and I are working on bringing all of the pages up to speed – so if you notice any half built pages, those should be up to full capacity soon.

Also, if you notice any pages that you think you could add valuable information to (e.g. “Fine Tobacco on the Cheap” or “Locations”), then drop a comment here. We want NYC deals and locations to be a cooperative project between the team and everyone else living in NYC who enjoys fine tobacco. Finally, if you are interested in being a part of the FT:NYC Team as a contributor to the site, send us an email at matthias(dot)clock(at)!