Cigar Review: Don Diego “Playboy” Lonsdale

Don Diego “Playboy” Lonsdale

Don Diego “Playboy” Lonsdale

If I was honest, I would admit that the first time I saw the label of this cigar, I was tempted to think of it as a simple novelty cigar: some company wanted in to the cigar industry, so they produced some overpriced, subpar cigars. Boy was I wrong.

The Dominican Don Diego Playboy Lonsdale has a Connecticut shade grown wrapper. The cigar is a very mild cigar, in strength and in body – so not normally a kind of cigar that I smoke. I have to say though, this smoking experience was excellent.  The cigar was great, and the evening was a mild 80 degrees as the sun set over the Oregon foothills. About 45 minutes in to the smoke I also had a few neighbors drop by to relax, drink some beer, and talk about tobacco and gun regulations. It was great. Here are the notes I took on this cigar.

Pre light:

For this stick I used a straight cut. The pre light draw was firm, but not restrictive. The construction was excellent – consistent firmness, no visible flaws, and the texture of the wrapper was delightfully smooth and slightly oily. The smell of the cigar seemed faint, but it really came out when I lit it up.

First third:

A beautiful sight - Click to enlarge

The first few pulls were mild in body and strength. I couldn’t quite describe the taste, but it was delicious. It was very unique, with a hint of spice and saltiness that made my mouth water. The smoke was cool, and the word savory about sums it up. Maybe the best indication of how much I was enjoying the cigar was that I wanted to stop taking any notes. I just wanted to sit, listen to Pink Martini, and blowing a few lazy smoke rings out into the sunset sky. That’s pretty much the definition of relaxation and enjoyment in my book.

Second third:

The second third began with an addition to the experience that beats any development in taste: the neighbor dropping by to sit down and enjoy some quality beer and good conversation. A few minutes later, another neighbor drops by that I hadn’t met yet. He was a really nice guy, and I grabbed a chair while he grabbed a beer so he could join in on the conversation.

Any cigar is better with friends

As far as the cigar goes, the taste grew stronger in the second third. It also took on sweetness and a hint of woodiness that I thought really added to the experience. The smoke stayed cool, and the burn remained almost perfect.

Final third:

I finally discover the elusive aroma. The smoke is a combination of saltiness, spiciness, and a hint of fruitiness that amounts to a very unique combination.  If someone described an aroma like that to me, I might not find it that attractive, but it really was excellent.

The last fifth of the cigar got pretty hot, and I considered setting the cigar down for good, but I just couldn’t stop – I was enjoying it too much.


The end of a great smoke - Click to enlarge

I enjoyed this cigar immensely. Part of it, to be sure, was the environment – a beautiful night with friends, good music, and lively conversation. Even without that, however, the cigar had a unique and memorable taste, with great construction, a good draw, and a perfect burn. The smoke was cool, and the savory taste was easily identified. There were also some subtleties like the hint of woodiness and fruitiness that made the cigar a journey.

Final grade: A-