1. Stephenie Wilkinson November 2, 2016 @ 2:18 pm Reply

    I was there with friends from out of town in August. The only people we noted that were continually smoking were the workers! And, when we asked politely if they could temporarily stop, they brazenly said they could do it whenever they wanted, and told the story about Paley. One of the cleaners got angry and stormed off, slamming the door loudly.

    I’m so glad that the workers feel this park is their private haven. We left; it ruined a nice time there.


    • Matthias Clock Matthias Clock November 2, 2016 @ 2:41 pm Reply

      Hey Stephanie!

      That’s quite the story. I’m sorry to hear your time there was ruined. But try to understand: this is the last park in the entirely of NYC where it’s still legal to smoke. It is not a public park, and it is not reasonable to expect that you can walk in with your friends and tell people to stop. If you want a smoke free environment, you have more than 1700 smoke-free parks the visit. The power is already in your hands.

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