Cigar Wars: Backlash to the FDA Continues

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The American cigar community continues its revolt against the FDA’s overreaching regulations. Michael Felberbaum explains for the Associated Press today what the regulations will likely look like:

“If it’s anything like the FDA’s regulation of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, that could mean banning certain flavors, requiring new health warnings, limiting the sizes and shapes of cigars, or imposing restrictions for marketing, advertising and retail sales. Cigars also may be restricted from being sold separately and the agency also could limit the amount of nicotine in the products.”

He goes on to describe the effect on the cigar industry in the United States.

“The premium cigar industry argues any number of the potential restrictions could hurt both cigar makers and specialty tobacco stores, whose products make up only a small fraction of tobacco sales, don’t pose the same concerns as cigarettes, and the range of sizes and shapes of cigars makes across-the-board standards almost impossible.”

He continues,

“Cass and Spann have joined with others in the cigar industry to seek a change in Congress to protect premium hand-rolled cigars from FDA regulation and save 85,000 small business jobs around the country. Resolutions in both the House and the Senate remain in committee.

In the House, the resolution sponsored by U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, a Republican from Florida — home to many of the nation’s premium cigar makers — has gained more than 200 co-sponsors. The Senate resolution, sponsored by Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, also from Florida, has more than 10 co-sponsors.”

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