Nat Sherman’s Michael Herklots Speaks at High School Graduation

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Michael Herklots, Executive Director of Retail and Brand Development at Nat Sherman, recently delivered the keynote address at Killingly Highschool. Herklots has been a major supporter of the Killingly High School Career Pathways Program, a program which offers students the chance to explore different career paths while still in highschool.

Those who know Herklots know that he loves to give back to the community. Every year, for example, he hosts a large fundraiser. This year, he raised $70,000 for the KHS Career Pathways Program.

During his speech, Herklots encouraged students to embrace the excitement that comes with advancing into new career territory. “You may learn that where you plan on going isn’t where you end up,” he explained.

You can read more about his keynote address here.  Alternatively, you can find Herklots on Twitter, or better yet just drop by the Nat Sherman Townhouse on 5th and 42nd.

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