Stogie Guys: Why Ten is the new Twenty

I came across a really interesting article today on about the (somewhat) impractical size of a boxes of cigars. To summarize the article: “I don’t need 20 cigars in a box.”  The honest truth is, for most of us that are committed to cigar smoking enough to even consider buying a box, we’re likely to smoke a wide variety of cigars, which includes online purchases, store purchases, and gifts from friends. Factor all of this in, and buying a box of 20 can, as StogieGuys points out, take years to smoke.

If you’re a more well-to-do cigar smoker, I know what you’re thinking: “that’s why I age my cigars.” Quite understandable. But for most of us, StogieGuys has a point: ten is just fine.

Read the full article here.