Gurkha’s $750 HMR: Can it ever be worth it?

I have smoked some pretty expensive cigars.  More than I care to admit, but when I discovered the most expensive cigar was far pricier than the most i have paid for a stick… well I did’nt  feel so bad.  Amazingly, its not  cigar made of up gold leafs or a platinum band its actually a cigar made by Gurkha.

Producing the most expensive cigar is one thing naming it is another and  with a name like “His Majesty’s Reserve” how can you go wrong. At less than 100 boxes per year, get ready to Pay upwards of $750 per stick.  What is it made of? Only thing that Gurkha will say is that its the finest Dominican wrapper with a secret blend of fillers from all over the globe.

Here’s the kicker.  According to, “they’re also infused with a generous portion of Louis XIII Cognac in a process that retains the flavor of the tobacco. Louis XIII Cognac, as you may know, is one of the finest cognacs on the market today.”

What do you think? Can a price of $750 ever be justified for a single cigar?