Emilio Cigar to Distribute Nomad Cigars



January 4, 2012 – Fred Rewey, owner of Nomad Cigar Company, makers of Nomad cigars manufactured in Dominican Republic, and Gary Griffith, owner of Emilio Cigars, announced today that they have entered into a distribution agreement.

Under this arrangement, Emilio Cigars sales staff will bring the Nomad Cigar line to market while Fred Rewey will continue to focus on product development, brand expansion, and manufacturing.

Nomad Cigar Company was started by Rewey in 2012 and quickly leveraged Rewey’s experience with social media and online promotion. The result was Nomad hitting the spotlight early in production.

“The Nomad brand fits well with what we’re trying to accomplish,” said Griffith “and I believe will become an important addition to the portfolio.”

Rewey added: “I am truly honored to have Gary and the entire Emilio team distribute Nomad cigars. In addition to being able to partner with such a well-run infrastructure, it continues to give both Nomad and boutique cigars in general a more significant presence in a growing marketplace. The interest in Nomad since launch has been a bit overwhelming – this new relationship will enable Nomad to continue to grow in 2013 and beyond.”

The cigars will be warehoused and shipped from the Emilio Cigars facility in Vineland, NJ and should beginning shipping later in the month.

Contact Information:

Emilio Cigars
Gary Griffith
Twitter: @EmilioCigar

Nomad Cigar Company
Fred Rewey
Twitter: @Godfadr