El Rey del Mundo Exclusivo Francia Petit Compania 2009 Review



Digging through my humidor looking for an afternoon cigar to relax with during a cold and blustery afternoon I came upon a Cuban Regional Edition from El Rey del Mundo called the Petit Compania. I remember several years ago I picked these up in Paris at La Civette tobacco shop. They have quite a selection of Habanas there albeit at less then modest prices. This cigar was a 2009 Regional Edition via Cuba for France. I enjoyed this cigar quite a bit walking the Champs-Elysees on a warm summer afternoon at that time.  Since I haven’t had one in a while I decided to light one up. Enjoy!

Blend Specifics

  • Wrapper: Cuba
  • Binder: Cuba
  • Filler: Cuba
  • Size: 5″ x 50″ Petit Piramide

Appearance and Construction

There’s a velvety feel to this wrapper that has two pronounced veins along side with a soft spot toward the label. The silver and red secondary band reads “Exclusivo Francia” denoting its regional designation. The size is attractive if you are looking for an afternoon smoke that will not take up your whole day.

Flavor and Smoke Characteristics

An initial blast of spice comes through that dissipated after a few puffs. The Peitit Compania offers a good deal of smoke along with leather rounded out by a creaminess on the palate. Midway the cigars dark gray ash gets crooked however the smoking experience was not diminished.


As the cigar progressed notes of graham cracker spices came through with refined tobacco flavors. Age has done this cigar well. As I was enjoying the smoke I removed the secondary band. The last third gave a richness that comes with well aged tobacco interspersed with a floral character along with nougat and a creamy long finish. A wonderfully complex ending to the cigar.



I’ve smoked a lot of Regional cigars and they can be hit or miss. Inevitably the argument of cost versus quality always comes up. My opinion is if you are enjoying the cigar you purchased then regardless of price it is worth it to me.  When a cigar falls short on quality I take issue with this. I don’t subscribe to comparing any cigars price to another cigar in terms of how the cigar tasted. If you bought that cigar and the quality was there then it was a quality smoke. Of course you can buy lesser cigars that are of fine quality but for me its about tasting as much as I can and creating those pleasant experiences.  For me the El Rey del Mundo Exclusivo Francia Petit Compania was a quality smoke well worth the money and since they now have some age on them you can experience what fine tobacco can be like. I believe these are still available so it isn’t some rare cigar that is impossible to acquire. If you can grab a box I think you’ll be happy with the purchase.