Blind Review: Casa Cuevas Limited Edition Maduro Flaco

Persistence, determination, endurance and perseverance. These are few words that I would use to describe Casa Cuevas. The lineage started with Juan Cuevas in the late 1800’s when he migrated to Cuba from Spain, and began cultivating tobacco. As successful as it became, Juan Jr. joined the family business and expanded it even further. By 1959, the Cuevas family fled Cuba and Fidel Castro’s regime. They left their success behind and reestablished their roots in the Dominican Republic. Juan Jr’s son and grandson, Luis Sr. and Luis Jr continued the family business and created Tabacalera Las Lavas in Santiago in 2011.

While the name Tabacalera las Lavas isn’t a well-known name to the consumers, the factory produces for major brands including Torano, Gurkha, Villiger, Cigar International and Thompson just to name a few. By 2016, the cigar company bearing the family name was created. Currently the newest Director of Operations is Alec Cuevas, the 5th generation to join the family business.

Today, I will be doing a blind review on the Casa Cuevas Limited Edition Maduro Flaco. Through a Casa Cuevas Cut and Light hosted by Luxury Cigar Club, I found out that in Spanish, flaco means skinny and this limited edition vitola was created to honor Alec, who is also skinny.

Blend Specifics

  • Cigar Reviewed: Casa Cuevas Limited Edition Maduro Flaco
  • Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and USA Pennsylvania
  • Size: Long Panatela (7” x 43)

Appearance & Construction

Like a classic Cinnabon, the pigtail rested itself at the top of the cap. The silky Mexican San Andres wrapper was dry to the sight, yet slightly oily to the touch. The wrapper had few minor veins, but it didn’t take away the beauty from the cigar. The cigar seemed to be well packed and had a nice firmness throughout as I rolled it around between my fingers.

Flavor and Smoke Characteristics

There was an alluring sweetness coming off the wrapper; molasses, vanilla and milk chocolate. As I brought the foot of the cigar closer to my nose, I was greeted by oats, brown sugar, tree bark, sea salt, and hints of baking spices which tickled my nose. After shaving off the pigtail, the flavors from the cold draw were very bright and warm. Sweet citrus green tea, with a light barnyard hay, dry plum and a hint of spice at the tip of my tongue. Without wasting another second, I lit up the cigar.

This was a perfect medium start. The flavors were a very rich, dark cocoa, bark and hay were the initial taste. There was a creamy aftertaste and a floral scent as the smoke exited my mouth. The retrohale highlighted leather and a perfect amount of white pepper for a kick. Just when the spiciness from the retrohale dissipated, a scent of green tea returned which was a nice follow up on the cold draw. As the Maduro Flaco reached the end of the first third, a taste of sweet, creamy, toffee emerged.

Just when I thought I’ve understood this cigar, the complexity evolved and took me for another ride. Soft candied sweetness sneaked in and out while the velvety smoke waltz around like a halo above my head. Upon retrohaling, my eyes watered as the white pepper darkens to black. As if I was watching Emeril Lagasse on Food Network, “BAM” screamed the final third. The strength steadily increased to medium plus. The soft toffee flavor hardened to a salted caramel, with tea leaves and hay playing a support role and a hint of red pepper spice and mint. The Maduro Flaco launched one last surprise forcing me to nub the cigar. The shorter the nub becomes, the spicier it gets. It was an exquisite exit.


What a smoke! I personally would place the Casa Cuevas Limited Edition Maduro Flaco in the same category as a dessert smoke. However, unlike the Le Careme by Crowned Heads or Brulee by Saka (Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust) where it is focused on traditional style desserts, profiling sweet and creamy, the Maduro Flaco is more similar to contemporary desserts. It plays with the combination of sweet, savory and spicy without overpowering one another. I would highly recommend to seek one out and give it a try.

Final Rating: 93