Blind Review: Choshi by Luxury Cigar Club

Luxury Cigar Club (LCC) is a monthly cigar subscription service for the smoker, seeker, and collector of fine, rare, and boutique cigars and cigar brands. The two owners, Chris and Ben, pride themselves on their work ethic, superb customer service, and overall integrity. Because of these traits, they have created and maintained a strong bond with many cigar companies.

One of these cigar brands is Artesano del Tobacco, the maker of Viva La Vida, whose been here since the beginning. Because of this relationship, LCC was the first company to feature Viva La Vida in their subscription box. They were also the first company to obtain an exclusive vitola of Viva La Vida. To top it all off, they became the first company to create LCCs very first cigar – Choshi.

Blend Specifics

  • Cigar Reviewed: Choshi
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican
  • Size: 5″x54

Blind Review: Choshi by Luxury Cigar Club

Appearance & Construction

The habano wrapper is quite oily, giving it a darker look than it otherwise might have. Two visible veins run down on the side of the cigar. The filler tobacco fills the cigar to the brim without it feeling dense. 

Flavor & Smoke Characteristics

There is a scent of chocolate and raisin coming off the wrapper. When I trace my nose down to the foot of the cigar, I get a scent of dry tart stone fruits and old books. I slowly insert the head between my Xikar XO cutter – just enough to shave off the cap. I then take a cold draw and taste creamy cocoa, tree bark, dry hay, and a slight sweetness on the finish; pepper spice is starting to settle on my tongue and lips. 

After introducing some flame to the cigar, I take my first draw and instantly my senses are awake. The smoke itself is creamy, tagging along with notes of dark cocoa, caramel, cedar-wood, and red pepper spice. To conclude the whole experience, sweet chocolate lingers on my palate. The retrohale acts on its own contrasting with the flavors on the palate: citrusy berry, cedar-wood, and an ample amount of red pepper spice. 

So far, the only negative thing I can say about this cigar is the uneven burn line. However, I have to mention that I am smoking the cigar outside on a cool early winter morning which can be a factor in the issue. With that being said, the ash is stacking evenly, and the cigar produces a good amount of smoke. 

Arriving at the second third, I notice two flavors become MIA: cocoa and spice. The character of the smoke becomes even creamier, and I get flavors of pistachio, cedar-wood, dry hay, tan leather, and caramel. On the retrohale, I’m tasting a little floral with almond and warm baking spice. 

I have to restrain myself from constantly puffing on the cigar, hoping slowing down would fix the burn line issue. Even so, one side is in a constant battle with the other, but not bad enough for me to intervene with my lighter.  

As I get to the final third, the battle of the burn line concludes, and the cigar evens itself out. To my surprise, the flavor keeps evolving, and embraces me with flavors of creamy oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, cedar-wood, and sugar in the raw. This time, the retrohale amplifies the flavors with cedar-wood, roasted peanut shell, and baking spice. I continuously drown myself with the aforementioned flavors, hoping the next puff would not be the last one. I knew I was on my final puff when my fingers got pricked by a burning sensation.


Billy and Gus (Artesano del Tobacco) hit another home run with Choshi. The transition from a heavier profile like cocoa and leather to a lighter one with almonds and sunflower seeds is simply brilliant. And all the while carried by a sugary sweet finish on the palate. The complexity was very engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, the burn line had a negative impact on my overall experience. As mentioned however, this may have been affected by outside elements. Overall, I would recommend this cigar to anyone interested in experiencing bold flavor, transitions, complexity, balanced profile, or anyone wanting to smoke a great cigar.   

Final Rating: 91