Blind Review: J. London Box Pressed Churchill

Jonathan Fiat, boutique cigar maker and creator of J. London Cigars, recently added to is Gold Series a box pressed Churchill. This vitola has the same Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, binder, and Dominican filler as the rest of the line. I’ve been fortunate to smoke a few cigars in the J. London portfolio and have enjoyed the quality, construction, and flavors they deliver. Since this was a blind review, I didn’t know anything about the blend or brand, but the experience itself surprised me. Read on.

Blend Specifics

  • Cigar Reviewed: J. London Box Pressed Churchill
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Filler: Dominican 
  • Size: 7” x 50 (Churchill)

Blind Review: J London Box Pressed Churchill

Appearance and Construction

This is a beautiful lightly tan Churchill that’s smooth and silky to the touch. The wrapper is seamless across the entire cigar and construction appears excellent. There’s an ample amount of tobacco in the filler as I give it a light squeeze. The foot smells of hay, earth wood notes. 

Taste and Smoking Characteristics

With my Xikar scissors I take a slice off the squared head of the cigar. The dry draw is a combination of sweet and salty. Using a long match, I slowly toast the foot and as I take a draw there are full, earthy notes that quickly transform to a creamy finish.  There’s pencil lead followed by floral with each puff I take. I’m already impressed with the transitions this cigar is delivering. The retrohale is full of vanilla bean that leads to a saltiness that wafts through my sinus and clings to the sides of my mouth. The ash is flaky and white, and the cigar is in the mild to medium range.

I’m getting loads of almonds midway with a savory finish that’s as lengthy as the cigar itself. The nuttiness from the cool draw ends with toast and cedar. Notes of wheat, currants and earth give a medium complexity via billows of thick smoke. I take a retrohale where cardamom hits my nose followed by graphite and barnyard. The ash continues to be flaky with a white sheen to it. While the almonds came on full force previously, there’s marzipan and cashew with another creamy finish that hangs on for a while. This Churchill is delivering some distinct flavors that are a pleasure to take in. Another puff and cedar and floral linger in my mouth revitalizing my palate.

Upon the last third there’s a salinity to the wrapper followed by hay and some minerality on the finish. The burn line has been on the money and the whiteness from the ash is solid. With another retrohale cedar, nuts and cream come through with grain on the back of throat. The medium body is the constant of this large smoke which makes it easy to smoke leisurely and really take in the flavors. Vanilla returns on the draw which works in harmony with the currant and wood that is now prevalent. With a final puff there’s creaminess and floral that ends with a long woody finish. A fine Churchill.


What a seriously flavorful medium bodied Churchill. The creaminess, wood, and floral impressions to start were the foundation for the vibrant and complex flavors to follow. The construction from the wrapper and filler were excellent which boosted the wood and nutty notes and gave the cigar a continuously long finish puff after puff. This reminded me of a choice Cuban Churchill: when the flavors are on, they can be lengthy and delicious. The price point for this cigar at $20 or so isn’t cheap, but it’s worth at least grabbing a fiver and if you can afford more you are in for a treat. The J London brand nailed this one.

Final Rating: 92