Blind Review: Illusione Allegria Robusto

The Illusione Allegria Robusto are made by Illusione Cigars which is owned and operated by Dion Giolito. They are manufactured in Aganorsas’ world renowned factory in Nicaragua known as Agricola Ganadera Norteña S.A., the factory formerly known as TABSA.  Allegria is actually known as the “sister” line to the famous Illusione OneOff brand.  A Nicaraguan puro as well, they differ when it comes to the tobacco blend and are meant to be stronger by introducing higher leaf primings.

Blend Specifics

  • Cigar Reviewed: Illusione Allegria Robusto
  • Wrapper: Corojo ’99
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Size: 5 x  52

Appearance & Construction

The cigar wears a heavily striated and blotchy colorado wrapper over a tightly packed body. The cigar is triple capped and comfortable in the hand.

Flavor & Smoke Characteristics

The cigar wrapper smells like straw bales and the foot smells like cedar.

The cigar has a great loose draw with faint cedar and spice on the breath.

The cigar toasts well under a single flame torch, yet gives me some trouble combusting.

First puff is very spicy and toasty.  The first third is completely dominated by toast, pepper, and leather.  The cigar has a great draw as mentioned.  It hold the heat well, with a flawless burn line and great smoke production.  I am also getting a nice nicotine buzz right-off-the-bat as well.

The second third is still dominated by a strong backbone of black pepper, with some savory and sweet notes.  It’s like tangy burnt Starbucks coffee with a “pump” of whatever fake go-go juice they offer during the holidays.  The cigar however, was not self-correcting a minor canoe burn that ended up being a major issue.  Though I’ve only raved about the loose draw up until now, the cigar needs more then just a “sip” to keep the party going. Moving on, the cigar develops a very woody profile with some marshmallow as well.  The wrapper leaf also rarely burns in tandem with the filler.  Shame….

Last third opens up with another canoe in the burn line. This only adds to the heat maintenence issue I began to deal with at the half way mark.  The cigar tastes like burnt toast and hazelnuts.  When the cigar remains its cool and collected nature it is sweet and even reminiscent of a Padron 2000 maduro.  A little purging of the cigar goes a long way.  However, the cigar struggled to maintain heat, and all my efforts to keep up with the mess seemed to only punish my tongue.


What appeared to be a powerful flavor bomb of a smoke fell pray to many construction issues.  The Illusione Allegria Robusto -from the start- I would have pegged to be a 90+ smoke, but it was more a tale of two cigars. The cigar filler VS. the cigar wrapper.  The funny thing is I had treated myself to a mail-call a few weeks ago of several 2022 releases with the Illusione Allegria Robusto being included in the shipment.  It came in perfectly humidified condition, just like the blind one I just smoked, and I remember tossing it after the second third for the same handful of issues.  As an Illusione fanboy who is also partly Spaniard and grew up with a lot of Flamenco in my home, I hate to give the Illusione Allegria Robusto the cold shoulder.  Maybe some other time I guess…Enjoy!

Final Score: 80