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Michael Carfagna is a self-described "jack of all trades," and "king of gigs." His life is the perfect example of growing up "in a New York Minute," and will never shy away from sharing some of his crazy experiences and tall tales of being born and raised as a city kid. For 20+ years he has been a cigar smoker and wine drinker, and takes alot of pride in the palate he has acquired, as well as his knowledge of terroir. However, Michael is not another one of those artisanal snobs. In all simplicity, he loves the diverse community and open dialogue that seem to magically follow the lighting of a cigar and the uncorking of a bottle of wine. It is these moments that keep Michael forever humble and grounded, and is why he considers smoking and drinking to be the best vices a man can have. He currently passes the time as an assistant wine and cider maker for two of the biggest names in the New York natural wine scene, and can be found puffing on a Nicaraguan puro as soon as he clocks out for the day. As an avid reader and writer, Michael is very appreciative of the team at Fine Tobacco NYC for the opportunity to join the blind review panel.

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