Drew Estate Launches Freestyle Live Event Pack with New Mystery Cigar

Drew Estate Debuts Freestyle

Drew Estate, a player in the premium cigar market, has introduced the Freestyle Live Event Pack 2024. This pack was announced during their “Freestyle Live: Special Edition” broadcast on January 18th.

The pack is part of a unique approach by Drew Estate to engage consumers with new product releases. It is priced at an MSRP of $40 and includes three unbranded mystery premium cigars, allowing consumers to experience the cigars without preconceived notions tied to a brand.

Additionally, the Event Pack contains a torch lighter, a cigar cutter, and a leather strap keychain, all under the Freestyle Live branding.

Each pack also features a Freestyle Live badge, equipped with a QR code. This code enables purchasers to enter a sweepstakes. The sweepstakes offers a range of prizes, including a custom pool table, a laptop, and custom ashtrays from Subculture Studios.

Through this release, Drew Estate aims to provide a novel experience for cigar enthusiasts, combining product discovery with the opportunity to win unique items.