Luciano Cigars and Peter James Co. Form Joint Venture: Peter James Cigar Co.

Luciano Cigars and Peter James Co. have jointly announced the formation of Peter James Cigar Co., a new venture focusing on cigars and accessories. This partnership is equally owned by Peter James Co. and the duo of Luciano Meirelles and his business partner, Tiago Splitter. The new company will hold the Peter James trademark in the U.S., along with other trademarks for upcoming products.

The partners are currently working on a new cigar set to launch in March. While specifics of the cigar are yet to be revealed, it’s confirmed that production will take place at the Luciano Tabacos S.A. factory in EstelĂ­, Nicaragua. Distribution will be handled by Luciano Cigars.

Luciano Meirelles expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, citing the shared passion and attention to detail that both companies bring to the table.

In addition to the upcoming cigar, this partnership is expected to yield Luciano Cigars’ most premium offerings. These cigars will be notable for their exceptional packaging, construction, and use of rare tobaccos.

The venture will also include a range of cigar lifestyle products. Peter James Leather Co., established in 2014 in Toronto, brings its experience in crafting leather cigar cases, torch lighters, and its own cigar brand, Los Esotico, to the partnership.

John Peter Laurendi, founder and president of Peter James Leather Co., emphasized the natural synergy between the two companies. He highlighted the joint venture as an opportunity for continuous innovation and refinement in their respective crafts.

The formation of Peter James Cigar Co. marks a significant collaboration in the cigar industry, combining the expertise of Luciano Cigars in cigar making with Peter James Co.’s prowess in luxury accessories and lifestyle products.