JRE Tobacco Co. Introduces Aladino Candela Toro at TPE 2024


JRE Tobacco Co. is set to release the Aladino Candela Toro at TPE 2024, following the debut of the Aladino Candela Robusto last year. The Aladino Candela Toro is a 6 x 50 toro, made entirely of Honduran tobacco, featuring a corojo-seed green candela wrapper. The pricing is set at $10.50 per cigar, with a limited production of 1,200 boxes, each containing 20 cigars. Shipments are expected to begin in February.

The candela wrapper is known for its distinctive green color, which varies in intensity. This coloration is achieved through a specific process rather than being a tobacco varietal like criollo or habano. The process involves heating the tobacco leaves in a specialized barn at higher temperatures compared to other tobaccos. This method aims to quickly remove moisture while retaining the leaf’s green color due to the preservation of chlorophyll, a contrast to the slower processes that yield the typical light tan to dark brown colors of most premium cigar leaves.

Vivi Eiroa from JRE Tobacco Co. mentioned last year the company’s intention to promote the candela wrapper in honor of Julio Eiroa, a significant candela grower in the 80s and 90s. During that period, candela was a dominant wrapper in the cigar industry, though it has since become less common in the U.S., now often seen as a novelty.

Candela wrappers offer a significant advantage in terms of production time. The heating process for creating candela tobacco takes less than a week, and the tobacco requires less processing when it arrives at factories.

Currently, JRE Tobacco Co. has not made the Aladino Candela a regular production line. Like the Toro, the Candela Robusto was a limited edition. Additionally, in November, the Aladino Candela Queen’s Perfecto was released as the second vitola for the blend, available exclusively at Smokingpipes.com.

TPE 2024, where the Aladino Candela Toro will be featured, is an important event in the tobacco products industry, showcasing new and innovative products.