While you were sleeping: Jacksonville man tells police he was only smoking a cigar in stranger’s SUV

Melvin Marshall just couldn’t wait to light up

What is the world coming to, when a man can’t sit in a stranger’s car and light up a nice smoke?

Clifford Davis of Jacksonville.com writes on his blog that, just before midnight, a Jacksonville man looked outside to see a stranger sitting in his wife’s SUV, lighting up a cigar.

When he went out to ask the man (presumably something like, “what the hell are you doing?”), he was met with a fist flying at his head. Unfortunately for the Melvin Marshall, the man opening the car door ducked the punch, pulled him out of the car, and wrestled him to the ground until the police arrived.

My favorite part of the article:

“Marshall said he did not intend to take anything out of the vehicle but was only smoking a cigar in the SUV while he waited on a friend, he told police in the report.”

Marshall suffered a bloody nose, swollen eye, and some scrapes. “But,” I can just imagine him saying as he gets hauled off, “that Rocky Patel makes some great cigars.”

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