Review: Lihtun Double and Triple Jet 5-in-1 Lighters

In the world of cigar accessories, it’s often a choice between low-priced, subpar tools and high-priced, high-quality ones. Finding a brand that strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability is a rare gem. LIHTUN, a sub-brand of Xifei Cigar Accessories, offers a selection of innovative cigar tools that are built to last without costing an arm and a leg.

LIHTUN Double Jet 5-in-1 Lighter

The LIHTUN Double Jet 5-in-1 Lighter stands out as a solid product in their lineup. Priced between $30-$40, this versatile tool offers an impressive range of features without compromising on quality.

This lighter features dual torch flames with a unique inward angle, allowing for precise lighting and ensuring an even toasting of your cigar. The slight inward angle may seem insignificant, but it’s actually huge, because you can have all the torch jets in the world but if you can’t stop the lighter from scorching the wrapper leaf (like those annoying tabletop lighters), what’s the point of buying a decent accessory to begin with?

Other features that set it apart include its built-in V cutter and punch cut, providing versatility for cigar enthusiasts who prefer different cutting methods. Additionally, the lighter comes equipped with a cigar pick, a tool that can help free up the draw of your cigar if you’ve got a tightly rolled cigar. An added thoughtful touch is the top, which doubles as a cigar rest, adding convenience to an already feature-packed tool.

LIHTUN Triple Jet 5-in-1 Lighter

For those seeking an even more powerful flame and a heavier build, the LIHTUN Triple Jet 5-in-1 Lighter is a fantastic choice. This three-torch lighter is designed to provide a consistent and controlled burn for your cigar. Compared to the Double Jet lighter, it’s quite a bit heavier, in part due to its attached V Cut. It has an impressive weight in hand and just feels good to use. And, as you can see, has a totally different design. Between the two, I prefer this lighter.

With its triple torch flames, all angled inward, lighting your cigar (even with wind) is easy. Just like its sibling, the LIHTUN Triple Jet Jet 5-in-1 Lighter includes a V cutter and punch cut, offering the same versatility for a perfect cigar cut every time. Additionally, it features a cigar pick, allowing you to fine-tune your cigar’s draw to your liking. And lastly – the lighter button is shaped in a way that allows it to be used as a cigar rest. Pretty cool.

LIHTUN, a sub-brand of Xifei Cigar Accessories, has succeeded in finding that elusive balance between quality and affordability with their LIHTUN Double and Triple Jet and 5-in-1 Lighters. These tools offer precision torch flames, versatile cutting options, a cigar pick, and thoughtful design features without the premium price tag.

You can learn more about Xifei Cigar Accessories and shop their entire catalogue by visiting their website.