Cigar Review: CAO CX2

by Matthias Clock

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Once again I find myself where my love affair of cigars began over 10 years ago, in front of my house on a humid summer night watching the cars and the people go by—which in New York City is never a dull moment.  Tonight I find myself accompanied by a CAO CX2 that has been resting in my cooler for a little over 7 months.   This will be the first of a series of reviews and it will be something of a CAO trifecta (CX2, LX2 and MX2).

Unfortunately, the CAO CX2 is currently a exclusive and no longer available at your favorite cigar shop.   This particular stick and gets its name from a double dose of cameroon in the wrapper and binder and surprisingly enough Colombian and Nicaraguan filler which I find to be an interesting blend to say the least.

Blend Specifics:

Size: Toro 6×54
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Cameroon
Filler: Colombian and Nicaraguan filler

"Tell me that doesn't look like a swimsuit!"

Appearance and construction

At first glance I can’t help but notice the black band with gold lettering that reminds me a woman’s one piece bathing suit, albeit a sexy black one.  Take a look at the wrapper and you see a smooth Cameroon leaf with a slight sheen. No blemishes with minimal tooth.

Taste & Smoking Characteristics

The first draw immediately gives away the Cameroon contents of the CX2 with its characteristic grassy/spice that is consistent of Cameroon tobacco. As the stick progressed it shifted to a slightly dry and leather. Right around the end of the first third what appeared to be some tunneling action taking place right before my eyes drew my attention. Keeping a close eye, I hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.

As I progressed into the second third, there were no changes or anything interesting to note just a continuation of the grassy/ leather flavors I am not particularly fond of.  Consequently, I found watching the burning characteristics more interesting.  I must say, the tunnel action corrected itself and I was left staring at the ash.

In the final third, there were no changes in flavors.  However, I must say the ash has not been pretty. Since I first lit this cigar it has been blotchy and somewhat flaky.


Overall the CX2 was an uneventful smoke. The grassy/spice held a firm grip on the taste profile and would not let go. Nevertheless, consistency is key here and if you’re a fan of Cameroon this stick will give you plenty. I must say I have smoked this stick numerous times and I feel confident saying I personally don’t like it. Cheers

Final Grade: C

Matthias Clock

Matthias Clock

Matthias founded Fine Tobacco NYC in 2010. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he enjoys spending his spare time discussing politics, playing the guitar and piano, teaching Argentine tango, and organizing New York's cigar events. Matthias discovered and fell in love with cigars in 2007.

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