Introducing Guy Olivieri – FineTobaccoNYC Contributor

Hey everyone – looks like I’ll be a contributor to FineTobaccoNYC.  Glad to be involved! Glad to find some new friends, some new smokes, and read about what’s happening with tobacco in NYC.

I’m from the New York area, (grew up in New Jersey) and currently live in the East Village.
I’m an actor and a writer.  You can check me out at for more details.

As for cigars!  I’m a geek, so I like to keep a record of every cigar I try.  I have a little book that I tape the bands into and make notes.  Something like “June 13 – a Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Toro on my deck.  B+ Really well made.  Medium flavor, lots of smoke, great draw.”
Well, you can see I don’t know all the terms for flavors and whatnot, but I’m learning.

My go-to cigar is the Partagas La Familia Rosada.  I can’t get enough of these.  The flavor is medium, but with a peppery taste.  Great cigar for after dinner.

I have a group of friends who meet monthly to smoke and catch up, which is my favorite appointment on my calendar.  I can often be found smoking in Union Square or Stuyvesant Park on nice evenings.