Oscar Maya: Professional Barber

This summer while searching for a good haircut, I ended up in the most unusual place for  such a thing, Cigar  Inn! For a limited time, a fashionable master barber named Oscar Maya offered  a not-to-be-missed summer deal:  haircut, neck shave, and massage for $30. The barbershop  chairs serve a dual purpose, extra chairs on busy Cigar Inn  evenings and chairs for a shave and  hair cut a la Oscar Maya. Oscar, who says he has been barbering for most of his  life, adds  additional “style” to Cigar Inn. Gentlemen now have no reason to leave the plush lounge of Cigar  Inn to be  styled. Rather, bring a bottle and enjoy a cigar all in the same place.

I felt confident and assured with Oscar once I sat down in the soft brown leather chair. He  asked me how I wanted to style my hair and he gave me the classic tapered haircut allowing me to  style it different ways. From then on, he did his art and conversed, and it was a treat.

While Maya began cutting my hair with large barber scissors, he changed to shorter scissors  for styling. He styled my hair quickly and precisely. While he was cutting my hair, I noticed there  was an ashtray, to enjoy a cigar, while having a haircut. Oscar trimmed my hair, we conversed about life, and he initiated small talk that is a necessary skill. Maya passed this part with high marks.

Next, he proceeded to shave my neck with a razor. Maya used all the angles of the straight razor for a closer shave. He shaved my neck at a nice pace then applied a little shaving cream to get a closer neck shave with the straight razor. I could feel him using all the parts of the blade on my neck for a clean shave.

After the neck shave, Maya gave me a neck and face massage. He put an electronic massage tool on his left hand and his right hand followed the movement. This was amazing; the massage relaxed my facial and neck muscles easing the tension from the past months.

I was now done with the summer deal I had purchased and I was very pleased with the result. Maya is enjoyable to talk with, a fine conversationalist, snazzy dresser, and a fantastic barber. I highly recommend Oscar Maya the next time you need a haircut. Schedule at Maya’s website hairdoneright.com and check out this video for an idea of his work, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVMEs89MULg&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1.

Oscar Maya recently began working at a hair salon located on 123 5th Avenue between 19th and 20th Street. You can still expect a great haircut but now instead of cigars, there are “pretty blonds and brunettes” in the store. I encourage you the next time you need a hair cut stop by Capelli D’oro, http://www.capellidoro.com/, to let Oscar style your hair and you can call Maya at (646) 789-2528.

Conclusion: A