Event Invite: Diamante’s 2 Year, “Lazy Sunday Smoke” @ Velvet Cigar Lounge

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Ladies and gentlemen of the leaf,

After a long summer of awesome events, it is my pleasure to announce two upcoming fall FineTobaccoNYC events. But first, two quick updates. The first is that FineTobaccoNYC is now officially sponsored by Astoria Imperial Cigars – we’re proud to be supported by such a great lounge and look forward to developing a business relationship. Second is that FineTobaccoNYC, courtesy of Kelvin Batista, is now maintaining the largest and most comprehensive cigar event calendar in the New York City area. Click the link and bookmark it!
Now for the events! If you plan on coming to either, email me at matthias.ftnyc@gmail.com and RSVP yourself plus however many guests you’ll be bringing!

Diamante’s 2nd Anniversary Party – Saturday, 11/05/2011
We at FineTobaccoNYC are proud to sponsor this special occasion of one of my favorite cigar lounges. The event runs almost all day, so stop by and say hi to David Diamante himself, and come smoke out with the FineTobaccoNYC squad. I’ll be there along with Kelvin, James, Tim (the most recent addition to the FTNYC team), and plenty of friends. There will be a DJ, a raffle, big prize giveaways and no BYO charge! Come support a local shop and have a good time doing it!
What: Diamante’s 2nd Anniversary Party
When: Saturday, Nov. 5th from 1pm – late!

The FineTobaccoNYC “Lazy Sunday Pipe Smoke” at Velvet Cigar Lounge – Sunday, 11/13/2011:

For all of you I’ve heard say you want to learn more about pipes (tobacco, packing, lighting, etc), FTNYC is hosting its first everpipe-smoking event! We will be spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon experiencing the new and exclusive pipe tobacco blends at Velvet Cigar Lounge, and I’ll be giving a brief pipe 101 class. Dan Bsharat, owner of Velvet, has also offered to waive the BYO fee and open the lounge early exclusively for the FineTobaccoNYC event. The shop will be selling pipes, tobacco, and their premium blend cigar, the (fantastic) Velvet Bowery.
What: Our first pipe event, exclusive lounge space, LIMITED availability (RSVP quick!)
When: Sunday, Nov. 13th from noon – 3pm
What to Bring: a pipe/tobacco if you have one, $$ to try the Velvet blends
Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see you at these next two events – RSVP soon! Until then, long ashes and God bless.
Warm regards,
Matthias Clock