Quick Review: Hoja De Flores


Author: David Alicea (FTNYC Event Coordinator)

The first time I got one of these in my hand was from Tim a young man I met at the IPCPR who kept talking about this brand he was working with based out of NJ. The whole time I’m like blah blah, whatever man, because you hear this speech from everybody. I smoke everything it doesn’t have to be a full bodied powerhouse with loads of spice, leather, coffee, etc . to be a good cigar. Case in point Hoja de Flores! So here I am at the Miami cigar after party (thanks to Nestor, and Renee) With my 2 younger brothers having some rum, and Tim comes over and says what’s up!? “I need a cigar right now man” I said promptly. “ I got you Dave” Tim reaches into his bag and pulls out 3 Toros. I cut it light and from the first puff I knew I was smoking something good, very good actually. Here is the blend:

Review Hoja De Flores
Vitola: Toro
Wrapper: Criollo 98
Binder: DR
Filler: DR

With hints of spice, earth, but the overall character is smooth with vanilla undertones. Damn it was good! The aroma had a lot to do with that as well, this cigar along with the Turei by Hispaniola and a few others are what I see the future of cigar smoking becoming. Quality, flavor, aroma, construction are more important than strength, power, every time. So check out Hoja de Flores you will not be disappointed.

Overall rating: A